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About Mary  

Mary Jean Walsh is a Costume Designer and Textile Artist based in Edinburgh, Scotland. She graduated ECA in 2017 with a BA (Hons) in Performance Costume. 


Her work investigates a broad spectrum of ideas, taking inspiration from both historical and contemporary costume design, often blending the two influences in her work and creating intensely theatrical and stylised costumes.


Mary is an innovative and experimental Textile Artist who engages heavily with fabrics during the designing process. Her work frequently juxtaposes a diverse array of materials together, delicately blending and combining fabrics intricately together, much as a fine artist might mix paint and her work takes on a rich, textured and highly distinctive aesthetic as a result.   


Mary has worked as a Costume Trainee and Assistant in some of the most prestigious theatres in Edinburgh and also has experience working on film sets and locations, working in both costume making and standby roles. Some of her past projects include:


Costume Trainee; “1745”, 2016, Short film commissioned by SFTN and Creative Scotland


Costume Making Assistant; “Summer On Stage”, 2016, The Royal Lyceum Theatre, The Lyceum Youth Theatre   


Costume Making Assistant; “The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde”, 2015, The Traverse Theatre, Lung Ha Theatre Company


Costume Designer; “The Importance of Being Earnest”, 2015, St. Augustine’s Theatre, Brackets Productions      


Tel: 07375 657 665

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